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Andrew Pepper

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Artist Support Pledge Limited Edition

The Artist Support Pledge is an initiative on Instagram which supports artists to show their work and sell it to an international audience.

The idea is a simple one, artists post images of their artwork on social media to sell for NO MORE (can be less) than £220 ($220, €220, A$330, C$330, ¥22000) each, not including shipping. Anyone can then buy the work. Every time you reach £1100 ($1100, A $1650, C $1650, ¥110,000) in sales, you pledge to buy another artist’s work for £220.

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Thousands of artists have sold original works as part of the 'Pledge' and in turn purchased works from other artists.  A wide range of media, styles and approaches is represented as part of the 'Pledge' and physical gallery exhibitions have begun to be organised to showcase some of the works in their original form.

In July 2023 Andrew Pepper produced a limited edition for the Artist support pledge.

Title: Deizisau 2007 (ASP)
Date: 2023
Artist: Andrew Pepper
Size: 30 x 40 (Portrait)
Material: High-definition photograph on matt metal
Edition: 10

Price: £155. Free P&P in the UK.

To purchase a work from this edition, or request details of postage costs outside the UK,  please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send a direct message on Instagram www.instagram.com/andypepperuk/ or scan the QR code below:


Printed onto a thin matt metal surface which stands 8mm proud of the wall.

Skylines - An ongoing series of images began in 2006 in an attempt to explore the junction between objects (mostly architecture) and a blue sky.

I continue to be fascinated by that line/junction.

The basis for taking each photograph has remained constant:  The sky must be blue and there should be an apparent line between the object and the sky.

The expanding collection of images has remained digital (except for small research prints onto photo paper).   In 2023 I began exploring ways to present them in a more tangible/physical manner.  Printed photographs always felt 'lacking' in some way.  They made me 'uncomfortable.

Printing onto metal appears to emphasise a strange robustness I wasn’t expecting. Something more than a digital print. Something less than an object.  There is a structural 'reinforcement' caused by the visibility  of the 3mm structure protruding from the display surface.

A digital book available on Apple Books (published in 2014),  brings together the early part of the series and includes animated drawings to accompany the still images.


Andrew Pepper works with projected light, holography and installation.  Based in the UK,  he has exhibited his work in group and solo exhibitions internationally and, as a senior lecturer in fine art at Nottingham Trent University, he taught on the BA (Hons) fine art course, the Master of Fine Art course and has acted as a PhD examiner for a wide range of key project-based research submissions.


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