Contemporary Sculpture: Transit
December 2011
Nottingham Trent University
School of Art and Design
Bonington Building, Nottingham

A group exhibition curated by Bobby Sayer.

Five artists were invited to submit a piece of work together with its transport packaging.

Each piece was shown, with its packing materials, in a vitrine located outside the Bonington Gallery.

Artists included:

Kim Bull
Craig Fisher
Rebecca Ounstead
Andrew Pepper
Oliver Tirre

Point Addition
Is one of a series of three pieces produced in the early 1980's in association with the Light Fantastic Gallery, London.

Point, Line and Plane, Addition explored the placement of lines and surfaces within a holographic volume and were sold to collections and exhibitions internationally as an unlimited edition.

Once Light Fantastic closed no more pieces were produced and, by default, the series became limited.

Examples of the series can be found in the ZKM collection, Germany and the Ross collection, UK. They are also held in a number of private collections.

Originally designed to be displayed like traditional graphics, framed on the wall, here, in Transit, the single plate of 25 points of light, rests on the original box it was stored in, and the one used to transport it to exhibitions. The red plastic 'runners' are protective strips normally located along the edges of the holographic plate when they are deliverd from the photographic supplier. Here they become part of the installation, arranged by the curator.

What is perhaps most interesting, apart from the relationship the work has with the other items in the vitrine, is that it is illuminated by the architectual lighting already installed in the display area. No special lighting was installed which was one of the stipulations of the piece being included in the exhibiton. The piece needed to be visible (and in this case illuminated by multiple lamps in the ceiling), using only the available illumination - on a par with all the other items in the exhibition. No special treatment, no excuses.

The result is a multiple referenced holographic image, displaying overlapping views of the original carefully arranged and engineered dots of light.

A piece modulated by the sensitivities of the curator, the physical proximity to other works in the exhibiton and to the existing achitectural lighting.

All photos © Bobby Sayers

Point Addition
Reflection hologram on glass, Original packing materials.

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