13 April - 20 May 2011

Nottingham Trent University
Bonington Building

Light Liquid - a hologram containing the three-dimensional shadow of liquid is formed to the exact shape of one of the flat- top buildings in a miniature townscape.

It rests on the roof, hardly visible from the 'street', except for a black glass 'line' around the edge of the building.

From above (the divine view held by curators and exhibition visitors), the roof is covered in a 'lake' made up of liquid shadows - volume-frozen at the moment the hologram was recorded.

The undulating image of the water 'hovers' just above the surface of the building, occupying the space between the architecture and the viewer - a 'no one' space.

As viewers move over and around the townscape, the liquid shadows undulate and shift, a kinetic 'covering' to the building activated by the point of view of an observer.

Roof spaces occupy a place of secrecy and seclusion in our city architecture. Gardens hidden from the reality of the street, spaces in which to be unobserved, locations for machinery which feed the buildings below. Things we shouldn't see.

Here a lake is elevated, without the physical restrictions of weight or volume. Something which shouldn't 'be' - a contradiction on so many levels - made possible only by the scale of the townscape and the placement of the holographic surface.


is the work of 8 artists, selected to make a series of (mini) major artworks and interventions within a minuature townscape located outside the Bonington Gallery at Nottingham Trent University.

Each week a new tiny monument, or intervention, changes the landscape of the ‘town’ by locating what are, in effect, monumental gestures within the miniature townscape.

Over the course of the exhibition the previous installation will remain and each week a new piece will add to the expanding series of ‘public-artworks’.

Artists include: Tag (Joseph Cerski and Bobby Sayer), Susie Cochrane, Rob Squirrell, Debra Swan, Gerard Williams, Andrew Pepper and Mark Lowe

The exhibition has been selected by artists: Danica Maier, Geoff Litherland, Ben Judd, Craig Fisher and Terry Shave.

Light Liquid
Holographic roof installation displaying the undulating shadows of liquid.

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